During his usual Sunday press conference on April 24th, the Archbishop of San Salvador, José Luis Escobar Alas, called once again on society to remain vigilant and prevent mining in El Salvador. He similarly called policy makers to not allow this economic activity in the country. 

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“Mining is a very serious, very damaging problem. Hopefully mining will not take place in our country, because open pit mining can cause so much damage.”

As cyanide is released into the environment, it breakdown into cyanates which are always absolutely lethal, they will pollute our aquifers. We are already threatened with the Cerro Blanco mine in Guatemala, if it becomes exploited it will contaminate Lake Güija and by extension the Lempa river would also be contaminated.”

“I call upon society to remain vigilant to prevent mining in our country because it will cause a lot of damage to people, animals and plants. It is not fair that this country so small and densely populated has to suffer the serious problem of environmental pollution because of cyanide.”

“And of course, the call also goes to the authorities of our country and the members of the legislative assembly not to allow that, for the sake of our country. We can see that it is the exploitation of a transnational foreign corporations that ultimately leaves very little to our country but it will harm it greatly.”

“It is not possible to conceive that anyone who loves El Salvador could be in favor of mining.”