Letter Submitted to the Legislature to Demand the Return of the Proposed Law Banning Mining

*Karen Rivas: Pax Noticias

“We have presented bill proposals since 2006 focused on the the ban of metal mining,” stated a representative of the Mesa Nacional Frente a la Mineria (National Roundtable Against Mining, La Mesa).

Members of the National Roundtable Against Mining met with the Legislative Assembly to present a letter demanding the return to the study and adoption of the bill that bans metal mining operations in the country.

The organized community groups that work in favor of human, environmental, religious, and youth rights that make up La Mesa were present at the Legislative Assembly.

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FMLN Will Vote for the Ban on the Mining Industry in the Country

* Gloria Silvia Orellana: CoLatino 

“Efforts to have a legislative decree that prohibits mining operations and all of its forms have sprung since the year 2006. As a political party we can say that there are already 31 votes in order to comply with this demand from the population, social organizations, and the Catholic Church,” said FMLN legislator Guillermo Mata during the presentation of an official letter(requesting prohibition) in the Legislative Assembly.

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Communities Call on Local Representatives to Approve Anti-Mining Regulation

* Teresa Alvarado: Transparencia Activa

The inhabitants of Cinquera also asked the city council to call a popular vote so that the citizens of the town can decide through a vote if they are in favor of, or against, mining operations.

Inhabitants of the municipality of Cinquera, in the Department of Cabañas, called on the Representatives of the Legislative Assembly to take up the discussion of the bill that bans metal mining in the country.

In 2009 civil society organizations and communities presented a bill to the Legislative Assembly against mining, but up until now there have been no advances in the discussion.

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Fifth referendum on mining is called in Cinquera, Cabañas

Alfredo Carias : Contrapunto 

Arcatao, San José las Flores, San Isidro Labrador and Nueva Trinidad in Chalatenango have already carried out referenda on mining.

Citizens of the municipality of Cinquera in the department of Cabañas were asked to participate in a public referendum, to be held in the next months, to give their opinion in favor or against metal mining within their territory.

Cinquera is located in a mountain region with a rich biological diversity and a history of organized resistance that developed during the armed conflict in the 80s. Strong reasons for communities, local government and environmental organizations to promote democratic initiatives, such as binding referenda, that lead to the creation of municipal ordinances to protect the environment and preserve their natural resources.  

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