The Fight Against Gold Mining in El Salvador


Article on the Chalatenango Free of Mining Campaign published in Practicing Anthropology.

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The fight for the environment in El Salvador gets recognition in Los Angeles

Francisco Coto - La Opinion

For 13 years, Vidalina Morales and other environmental activists, led constant fight against a Canadian/Australian mining company which threatened the north of El Salvador.

It is an activism that has brought both death threats and triumphs to Morales, who arrived this week in Los Angeles to receive the Environmental Justice award from the organisation CARECEN in representation of the National Roundtable against Metallic Mining.

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Conservative candidate Carlos Calleja against mining in El Salvador

Translated from Ultima Hora

Carlos Calleja, the candidate to the presidency for the Republican Nationalist Alliance, ARENA party, considers himself to be a true environmentalist and has declared he is against mining in El Salvador.

He made the statements through his social media accounts. 

Last March 29th, deputies of the Legislative Assembly approved the Law Prohibiting Metallic Mining which prevent the exploration, extraction, exploitation and processing, whether open pit or underground, in Salvadorian territory.

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In Mining-Affected Communities, Water Is Becoming More Precious Than Gold

By Jen Moore : MiningWatch Canada

Latin America is slowly winning the fight against the corporate assault of transnational Canadian mining companies

El Salvador made history last month when it became the first country to ban metal mining outright.

In what’s become a decade-long annual rite of spring, activists descend on Barrick Gold’s annual general meeting in Toronto April 25 to shine a light on the Canadian mining giant’s litany of abuses abroad. But this year the odds are slowly turning in the fight against the multi-pronged corporate assault of transnational mining companies.

Last month, El Salvador made history, becoming the first country to ban metal mining outright, after a World Bank tribunal rejected last October a US$250 million lawsuit launched against the government by Canadian-Australian miner OceanaGold. The suit, filed in 2009 by OceanaGold predecessor Pacific Rim, based in Vancouver, alleged loss of potential profits after the company failed to meet regulatory requirements to receive a mining permit.

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