Robin Broad, John Cavanagh

lempa river el salvador water gold miningFrom West Texas to Jackson, Mississippi, tens of millions of people struggled through late winter storms that froze pipes, broke water mains, and cut off electricity. They froze without showers, toilets, or washing machines — let alone drinking water — for days or even weeks.

The irony that Texas, the state built on fossil fuels, was completely unprepared for extreme weather disasters shouldn’t be lost on anyone.

Fossil fuel and utility firms have long plied state officials with money. In turn, officials failed to regulate utilities, weatherize their grid, or create programs to weatherize homes — much less upgrade the state’s decaying water infrastructure.

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An unlikely eco-alliance in postwar El Salvador

The World


the water defenders coverA new book describes how environmental activists in El Salvador brought conservatives and progressives together to institute a nationwide ban on metal mining in 2017.

The World’s Marco Werman spoke with attorney Luis Parada, who led El Salvador’s defense team in a mining lawsuit at the World Bank, and Robin Broad, a co-author of the book, "The Water Defenders: How Ordinary People Saved A Country from Corporate Greed."

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NEW BOOK: The water defenders - how ordinary people saved a country from corporate greed


COVER JOHN AND ROBINS BOOKWater is life. Countless communities across the world, from Flint, Michigan to the Standing Rock Reservation to the Gualcarque River in Honduras, have used this phrase as a rallying cry against powerful corporations that value profits over the environment and the health of local communities. In 2002, a small group of citizens in El Salvador joined this global community of water defenders when representatives from multinational mining company Pac Rim appeared in their home province of Cabañas. This ignited a people’s fight against corporate power that would last for over a decade. In The Water Defenders: How Ordinary People Saved A Country from Corporate Greed, Robin Broad and John Cavanagh tell the harrowing, inspiring saga of El Salvador’s fight – and historic victory – to save their water, and their communities, from Big Gold.   

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Social Organizations demand compliance with the Prohibition of Metal Mining

Gloria Silvia Orellana - Co Latino

2LEY MINERIA1"Two years after the Law on the Prohibition of Metal Mining was passed, its application is yet to be implemented," expressed Rodolfo Calles from CRIPDES / ACAFREMIN. Along with a group of environmental organizations, Calles demanded the government of President Nayib Bukele, to resume actions in this matter and give protection to the population affected by the metal mining industry. 

Among the specific requests of the organizations, UNES, ADES, CRIPDES and ACAFREMIN, there is the allocation of sufficient economic resources to execute various actions related to mine closures and for transforming the economic activities of artisanal miners (güiriceros). Finally, the organizations requested the drafting of regulations to apply the Law of Prohibition of Metallic Mining through different government institutions. 

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